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Album3D Builder

Album3D is a digital DOOM-like photo album. It looks similar to your personal virtual picture gallery, but it allows you not only to see photos and other stills. Album3D can show you AVI videos, Autodesk Animator FLI and FLC files, it can play the .wav & .mp3 files and uses MIDI music files to add some beauty to your presentations.

The users can walk in their galleries in real time. Album3D allows you to link some of the images to an external documents, web sites etc. This would be a good solution for many commercial, exhibition and advertising environments. Album3D Builder can be used with great success by hobbyists or family photo album creators. After creation the maze can be sent to friends or to customers as a standalone application, even in a single file.

It can be used at home as an image viewer, photo organizer and simple presentation tool.

The commercial companies, who needs an interactive preview of their products, can create impressive cover CD's with Album3D. Just think about cars, flowers, foods etc.

Unlike other virtual galleries, Album3D offers a free hand movement control and allows you to show the movies and pictures you like in a fresh and interesting way.

Album3D features include:
  • AVI movies/ FLI, FLC animation support
  • BMP/JPEG/TGA images support
  • GIF transparency support
  • MIDI & WAV & MP3 sound and volume control
  • free movement in the maze
  • web and local document links
  • screenshots creation
and many other

  big screenshot

big screenshot

big screenshot
System Requirements:
Minimum Average
  • Intel Pentium 166 CPU
  • Windows compatible soundcard
  • SVGA video card, 256 colors or HiColors (15/16 bits)
  • about 200 kbytes of HDD space for the engine itself
  • Intel PII-400 CPU
  • Windows compatible soundcard with wavetable MIDI
  • SVGA AGP video card, 32 bits, 16 MB RAM
  • 40 MB for complete Builder installation
Album3D does not require you (or your customers) to have VisualBasic or VisualC++ runtimes installed, neither to have any specific DirectX version. To view movies, your customers even do not have to install any video codec, since you can play your movies from FLI/FLC files.

CPU power demand highly depends on media type you use. To play a few FLIC animations (no AVI files) Pentium 166 is sufficient. If you need (in addition to these) to play two and more AVI videos simultaneously, be ready to dedicate at least a PII machine.

If your video adapter does not support Hi- and TrueColor, Album3D will even run in dithered 256 colors video mode.

Album3D Builder is a try-before-buy software.
Unregistered trial version has a small logo (our company web site link) placed over the screen. Also it has a few disabled options. In fact, unregistered trial version can't fit any commercial usage. Instead, you are allowed to play with it at home, for yourself only. You're invited to replace our sample pictures, photos and movies with yours and change our pre-built maze the way you want.

The self-extracting setup (with both install and uninstall support) contains a few sample image and movie files, working Album3D engine and trial Builder.

Free download here

Language of the .hlp file archive name size build date
English a3dsetup.exe 2,6 Mb v1.7 Sep 29 2002

33 KB Album3D Builder screenshot

Version history:

  • 1.7 Now you can also run Win32 applications simultaneously, and customize the self-extractor splash screen.
  • 1.6 Added Image Fine Tune wizard, MP3 files import, color depth changed from 32K colors to 16M colors, added texture creation utility
  • 1.5 Few "actions" added, multi-level gallery creation added. Now the FLI/FLC animations can be of any size
  • 1.4 External links feature added, all-in-one self extractor building added, some minor bugs fixed (2000/XP related), also the Builder optionally installs DivX slow motion codec required by sample DivX avi's
  • 1.3 Builder released, setup package rebuilt
  • 1.2 added another movement mode, fixed the crash running on Win2000
  • 1.1 added GIF support with transparency, bitmap transparency styles and background waves
  • 1.0 initial release

If you have some more questions, suggestions or ideas, please contact us or

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