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Album3D Builder FAQ

Q. What is the difference between Trial and Full versions?

Trial version does not save your projects in either standalone or self-extracting executables. The only option that works for you, immediately run the maze from the Builder. The color depth, screen resolution and movement speed are exactly the same in both versions.

Q. Without Save option, how do I try running the galleries from my (re)writable CDs?

Trial version includes a pre-built sample project, that contains several textures, picture and media files composed in a ready-to-run gallery. You can burn it onto your blank CD-RW and run it from there. Literally, you need to burn the C:\Program Files\Album3D\Projects\Sample folder.

Q. Do you require royalties on galleries created using Album3D Builder?

We do not require royalties or any kind of rights on the galleries you create. You are the sole owner of them. If you are a REGISTERED user you can use, distribute and sell them freely.

Q. If I make a gallery for someone do they have to install Album3D Builder to see it?

No, each gallery created with Builder is a stand-alone, or all in one installation file. It contains images, sounds, music, and everything else needed to run it.

Q. How can I share galleries with my family and friends?

If you export your gallery to all-in-one self-extracting exe file, then all the common file operations are possible. You can copy it, burn onto a CD, send by e-mail, upload to a web site etc.
Sometimes (for large projects) you may wish to only export the maze to engine executable, and copy all the rest files "as is". Unlike the all-in-one self extractor, this gallery type does not require any free space on the friend's machine and runs faster because no files are "extracted". Please look into Help file for more tips on this.

Q. How can I edit a gallery I created?

After you created an executeble .exe gallery you cannot reload and edit it. If you think you may have to edit your gallery in the future, you should save a project file (File|Save As). A gallery project is a .map file which contains all the file names necessary to create your gallery. You must save the project images and other media files, too.

Q. Will my created galleries work on a Apple Macintosh?

No. They will work on Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Millennium Edition, Win2K and Windows XP only. Neither we have plans to port Album3D Builder to MacOS, Linux or elsewhere.

Q. How do I download/receive new updates for the Album3D Builder?

You can freely download each new release from our web site. There is even no need to uninstall old version.

Q. Need I pay for upgrade?

No, all upgrades are free to registered users.

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