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This page can help you to understand some of AVIedit features, like color filters or transformer. Please don't expect the full-screen videos here, because they would be very big and slow to download. I have used very small frame sizes and have compressed it well, to give you the shortest and easiest way to overview.
At 14 kbps Internet connection you may expect about three minutes to download each video sample. Note: your media player may need to download video codecs too.

color adjustment sample, color_sm.jpg 16 kb

This is the sample frame passed through color filter. It is a built-in filter and does not require any external plug-in. The rule of filter can be time-independent or may include video frame number to vary over the time. You can create fadings, flashes and other visual effects. Also it is a general way to make videos white-balanced and properly colored.

deformation sample, deform_sm.jpg 16 kb

This is the same frame passed through deformation filter. It is a built-in filter and does not require any external plug-in. Currently AVIedit includes about 30 ready-to-go deformations, and each of these has up to seven parameters that can be changed by user, creating effects never seen before.

You asked me: "It is a joke ?! AVIedit is tiny editor and CAN NOT be so powerful..."
No any joke. It is mighty.
Instead of wasting your HDD space with lots of redundant code (having all filters in binary form as like *.8BF you know), AVIedit holds only formulas and fast JIT-compiler. The filters are created "on the fly", just before you run it. We think AVIedit is the only video editor with such a feature.

sample AVI, 120 kb This is source (unchanged) avi clip. Do you don't believe ?! It really is.
Compressed with MS MPEG4 V3 codec.
sample AVI, 120 kb I have converted frame to grayscale, then subtracted it twice from source frame that was taken three times. Are you impressed ?
Compressed with MS MPEG4 V3 codec.
sample AVI, 208 kb This is source (unchanged) avi clip. It was captured from TV, then downsampled to 176x120 pixels and compressed with VDOwave® codec at 192 kbit/s. Use it as reference point (to see where the image was distorted by the compression).
sample AVI, 317 kb Here is the result of Colors/Disco Fever preset. Light Blur filter was applied to make edges a bit soften.
sample AVI, 218 kb I have created a round selection, then filtered it in RGB->gray . Next, the contours were slightly enhanced.
sample AVI, 260 kb The clip was passed through the Colors/Invert filter preset. Also the Find Edges 3 filter was added to enhance contours.
The AVIedit supports some the Adobe Photoshop® compatible plug-ins.
This is result of Angled Strokes plugin. Clip is not available.
sample AVI, 208 kb Here is the combination of Transformer/Dry brush filter and Median 2. It looks like an oil painting. The frame edges have a little green (background/transparency colored) garbage.
sample AVI, 208 kb This is Transformer/Round filter with a few Blur to hide aliases. It looks like a lens or a round mirror. The green background can be changed or even made transparent.

What our customers are saying:

  • I'm toying with filters now, ..., with the Plastic Wrap effect. Jeez. This is a _fun_ toy. :)

    Henrik 'Snout' Isacsson

  • ...Just to say that this program is very effective and can be learned easily !

    Edouardos Aloskoufis

  • Most Video editors are very big (20 to 30 mb) in size. Your AVIedit is very stable and fast and easy to use.

    Josef H R Heck

  • Anyway, I enjoyed using your program.

    John Cheung

  • I'm happy to use your AVIedit to do that - improve underexposed and not white-balanced video.

    Andreas Wiener

  • Lockergnome only chooses the best of the best... you're definitely noteworthy!

    Chris Pirillo

  • Keep up the good work, I hope you do well when you go "public"!

    Ronald Stirling

  • ...we have found your application "AVIedit" and we would be more than happy if you could add it to Super Shareware...

    Pedro Murillo Tello

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