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Downloading Shareware AVIedit

IMPORTANT: please read this carefully before you download something.

AVIedit supports 14 languages for its main menu plus online help files in two languages, English and Russian. The executable file is always the same. To learn more about the AVIedit languages support, visit our translation page. You are welcome to translate the help file to other languages, too.

Version number vs. build date
Since the AVIedit is constantly updated, often we didn't change its version number, instead we mention build date. Don't be confused, most recent versions (builds) you can get right here. When code gets cleaner and more stable, there is no need in frequent public updates. If you need some extra features, please let us know soon, don't be waiting.

Language of the .hlp file archive name size build date
English setup.exe 1.3 Mb Oct 03 2009
Russian setupr.exe 652 kb Dec 23 2002

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