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Web tools: Logalizer & Logalizer Pro

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Logalizer software is a basic tool to analyze HTTP server log files.

It allows you to load a text file (log file) and perform many important actions, such as collecting referrer statistics, sorting the documents requested, creating html reports, launching selected links etc. Easy to use.

For the webmasters it is very interesting to know what pages are most popular on the site, where the visitors came from and how much downloads they are doing.

All these tasks Logalizer can simplify for you.

The installation package includes the sample log file to evaluate Logalizer features on 'real' data author got from his own site.

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Logalizer screen
Both Logalizer and Logalizer Pro are copyrighted by AM Software and Alexander Milukov. They can be freely distributed provided all package files are unmodified. See the help file for more information.

Logalizer has been awarded Editor's pick

Logalizer PRO software has been awarded

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  archive name size build date status
Logalizer Pro lpsetup.exe 252 kb v1.3 Sep 20 2001 shareware
Logalizer logsetup.exe 183 kb v1.4 Mar 17 2001
(now frozen)
freeware, consider it as "lite"

See the difference between lite and Pro versions

Feature set
Log file format
- combined log
- common NCSA
- W3C extended
- IIS log file (CSV)
referer report yes yes
user-agent report -- yes
log filter by IP -- yes
log filter by referer yes yes
referers breakdown by category -- yes
average hits per month graph -- yes
average hits per day graph -- yes
hourly average hits graph -- yes
filtered log export -- yes
technical support by e-mail -- yes

Logalizer Pro version history:

  • added configurable html report templates
  • about 50% less virtual memory used to track down unique IP's
  • much more exact user agent reporting engine added
  • referer logs can be appended now (text only)
  • added unescape
  • added find/replace in docs
  • exit on Enter - fixed
  • latest 4 logs from MRU didn't loaded via menu - fixed
  • document hits report added

Logalizer version history:

  • 1.4 added log filter option and site referrer reports
    freeware Logalizer development is now frozen
  • 1.3 added variable-length lists and multi-selection of documents
    fixed the mistake that result in Logalizer crash under Win2000
  • 1.2 added percentage view, GIF graphic bars in html report; great extension of all lists (documents, referrers etc.) was done
  • 1.1 added document filtering by file type, added "total" field
  • 1.0 initial release

Copyright 2000, 2012 AM Software