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Registration of the Logalizer Pro

After a free 30 day evaluation period you must either register Logalizer Pro for a small fee or remove it from your computer.

The registration fee is only $34.95. Registered users will receive all next releases of Logalizer Pro for free.

Currently you can register Logalizer Pro with RegNow service. You can order Logalizer Pro using fax, e-mail, post, phone calls and credit card.

To order Logalizer Pro online you will need a credit card. After the payment approval, the registration code will be immediately delivered to you via e-mail or using method you prefer.

RegNow secure order page Logalizer Pro order form

Registration benefits

The unregistered version of Logalizer Pro is almost fully functional. However, it has few limitations and displays the reminder.

Also, we can provide only limited support (and with low priority) to unregistered users.

On the other hand, by registering the software, you provide us with the resources and incentive to support Logalizer Pro with updates and to develop additional quality software products.

If you have more questions about ordering Logalizer Pro, please e-mail to

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