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Technical support of the Logalizer Pro

IMPORTANT: please read this before mailing us.

  Unregistered shareware Logalizer Pro is supported at low priority. That means, if we have some free time to answer you, we will provide a limited help.

The registration of Logalizer Pro entitles you, after all, virtually unlimited free technical support by e-mail.

Bugreports and suggestions are most welcome. Hope you'll never discover a bug in the program, nor will have some problem using it, but [if any occurs], please include the following information in your message, whenever possible:

All reports

  • Registered users: please use your name as in the registration form, to get highest priority in answer
  • Operating system (OS) name and version, e.g. Windows 98 SE
  • Amount of RAM available, for example 64 Mb SDRAM
  • Hard drive capacity and filesystem, for example 8,4 Gbytes NTFS volume
  • Log file format or software brand that wrote it (IIS, Apache, NCSA...)
  • Approx. Log file size (in thousands of lines)
  • Step-by-step: what you did (and we should do) to reproduce the problem
  • The exact text of the error messages, if any occurs.
This would significantly increase the efficience of our technical support.

e-mail directly to program author or to customer support team

No spam tolerated

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